Thursday, August 30, 2012

My Do Re Mi Song

 This year I'm trying a music interactive notebook for my 3rd, 4th, 5th graders.  We'll use it about every other week to record vocabulary, complete assignments, music listening reflections, composing, and more!
Here is a page from the notebook.  The students complete the steps on the attached link:My Do Re Mi Song
Then I check their work before they cut and paste it into their notebooks.

Later, they come back and record the steps, skips, and repeats (it is a later lesson).

I also display their work using the document camera - we can practice singing and playing them on boomwhackers.

Fun stuff!

Candy Bar Rhythms

These "candy-bar rhythms" are great to use for composing, reviewing rhythm counting, and rhythm dictations.

For this activity, the students had to divide their rhythms into measures in 2/4 time.  The rhythm sticks represent barlines and double-barlines.  The students can chant the candy names, count the rhythms, and add instruments.

You can find the powerpoint for the rhythms here:
Candy Bar Rhythms

Wednesday, August 29, 2012

Composer Owls

These "Composer Owls" adorn a corner of my room.

They were so easy to make!
I simply followed the instructions at:
to create the owls.

Then, I pasted some facts on each wing, along with a photo of the composer.  On the owl's forehead is the composer's name and the dates or on the owl's feet.

Here are the composers and facts (by musical period): 
Renaissance Music
Baroque Music 
Classical Music 
Romantic Music  
20th Century Classical Music

What a hoot!