Monday, August 18, 2014

Rhythm Word Wall Freebie

Hello everyone!

This poor blog has been so neglected!  Last semester, I decided to mostly take a break from blogging.  My husband graduated med school and landed a residency in a different city so, needless to say, we were SUPER busy.

Thankfully, I was hired at an awesome school (my co-workers are so nice) in a wonderful district in my new city.  They actually have Orff and Kodaly organizations and I am so looking forward to joining those and sharing what I've learned with you guys on my blog!

However, for now, we are in teacher in-service all week and the students will be here soon. 

I've been trying to prepare my room ( ever did I get so much STUFF?!  I blame a lot of you with your awesome products on TPT).  I don't really have a lot of bulletin board space (more pics soon), so I've been trying to incorporate my awesome storage cabinets.

Here are some rhythm visuals I've created (although I need to add some sixteenth note variations, but you get the idea).  I'm thinking that as we learn/review them I'll write in how we say them ("ta" for example) and put star Post-It notes on the ones we are currently working on.  Plus, I can easily point/snatch one off the wall to discuss with the students:

If you'd like to have these for yourself, download the here for free! 


  1. Congratulations on all of yours and your hubby's achievements!!! And THANK YOU for sharing this with us! I now have the right thing to go on my last board. I didn't like what I had up! Now my room will be awesome!!! And glad you are back!!!!