Wednesday, September 18, 2013

Fall/Halloween Melodic Manipulatives

Yesterday, I blogged about some rhythm manipulatives I use for the Fall/Halloween season.  I also use some of the same (and a few different ones) for melodic activities.

I created a little background called, "Corny Melodies" which we use throughout this season.

Here are a few example:

This year, I plan to use these with "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" and "The Pumpkin Patch":

This is a dictation example for the first line of "Old Mother (Mrs.) Witch" - the little ghost is the quarter rest :):

Last year, I did a few dictations with real candy corn (I cleared allergies, asked permission, etc).  It worked really well and was a lot of fun.  This year, I found these cute erasers at Target (we'll be using these instead):

Fun stuff!

You'll find the slides for the songs mentioned in my "Fall into Music" bundle.

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