Friday, November 22, 2013

5th Grade Solfa Dojo

My 5th graders are working on extended do pentatonic.  I'm always telling them I've "grown" them because this is my third year with them and they are just doing wonderfully - definitely strong musicians and performers.

Anyway, at the beginning of the lesson, they work on a sight-reading example as a class.  I've based it on my "solfa dojo" (it corresponds to "recorder karate" which they are familiar with).  You can find the idea on my TPT store and download it for free.

First, the students chant the rhythm of the song (they can earn 1 to 3 points for this).
Then, the students chant the solfa of the song (they can earn 1 to 3 points for this).
Lastly, the students sing the song on the solfa with hand signs (they can earn 1 to 3 points for this).

This has been going very well with my kiddos (we're on our green belts now).  Before they perform each section (rhythm - chant solfa - sing solfa) they are allowed to discuss the answers with each other.  It is just totally precious to hear them talk to each other - for example, "No, that can't be a mi because it isn't on a line and do is on a line" or "That's a la - see how high it is?"
To give it a holiday theme and extra motivation, the kiddos get to color in a candy-cane after each song they complete.  I'm sure all the classes will end up tying each other, but right now they are busy competing.  As a reward, they'll be receiving a candy-cane from me at their class holiday party (the day before Winter Break starts).  After browsing Target, I believe, I saw some pipe-cleaners that are red and white - I'm thinking that might be better because we could mold it into different shapes and sing them (vocal exploration), then twist them into a quarter note.  We'll see...

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