Sunday, September 16, 2012

Flight Night - an easy music composition activity - 2nd/3rd grade

I love autumn.  Not only that, I love OWLS (they've invaded my classroom and are here to stay).


Anyways, what music teacher doesn't want to encourage their students to create their own music?  We've done improvisation, we've even created melodic and rhythmic ostinatos.  I think we should take it a step further.

So, I created this Power Point: Flight Night.  With it, we'll follow the path of music creation from inspiration to recording/reflection, with lots of vocabulary and fun thrown in.  The great thing is that I can print out the slides three per page with room for notes.

As the next step, the students would write a song in their groups, using a certain picture as inspiration and following the steps.  I'm still working on what this worksheet would look like.
After I've checked the group songs, we would learn each song as a class.

Lastly, as an assessment, the students would write their own songs independently.  I'd provide extra worksheets for students who wanted to create a song on their own time.

We'll see how it goes - check back for worksheets.

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