Thursday, September 6, 2012

One Beat Rhythm Practice

At the beginning of the year, my older kids often need a "refresher" on basic rhythms.  This activity gives them a chance to practice one beat rhythms we already know, while reviewing vocabulary words such as "time signature", "bar line" and "measure".

To begin, I seat my students in a LARGE circle next to a partner.

Then, I give them the worksheet.  We review the names of the rhythms, how many sounds (or silences) they receive on one beat, and how we count them (use whatever system you use).

Next, they cut out the rhythms.  Each partner gets a set (four rhythms for each).

After that, I give them a bag of popsicle sticks (15 total).  We practice laying out the steady beats (four), dividing them into two measures (bar line) and adding a double bar line at the end.

One partner is the "measure one composer" (they lay down their cards in measure one) and the other is the "measure two composer" (they get to use measure two).

Then, we practice a couple of rhythms together (I say a pattern, students use their cards to create it, then they check their answer with what I've written on the board).

After practicing, the students composer their own measures.  They have one minute to compose and discuss and another to practice counting and clapping it.

I then take volunteers to share their rhythm.  The entire class dictates it.  Sometimes we add lyrics or play the rhythms on an instrument.

The great thing about this activity is that it lets me assess who remembers their rhythms and who needs help.  We also use this as a station when we do our rhythm stations.

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