Wednesday, August 28, 2013

5th Grade Rockstars

One of my awesome 5th grade classes made this "craftivity" before our Open House.  Their teacher was nice enough to loan them to me for an extra 10 minutes so we could do our lesson and create this.

Before we began, we brainstormed a list of musical talents which I wrote on the board.  Students also discussed their talents with partners next to them.  Then we created the guitars.

The picture is blurry, so here are a few things the students came up with:
I am a rock star because...
"I always use my best singing voice"
"I can always find the beat"
"I love listening to music"
"I'm good at the recorder"

The cutest thing was that, after we finished, the students "rocked out" while singing a guitar rift and "I'm a rockstar".  After each little rift, a student shared what they had written.

You can find this craftivity at Amanda's blog, Let's Get Fancy in First.

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