Tuesday, August 13, 2013

Owl-Land Returns

Oh my goodness!  How busy are we this time of year?  It is a little intense - but exciting!

So, our school had a huge mold problem this year and many classrooms had a wall that was replaced (including mine).  We weren't able to set up our rooms until last weekend and school starts tomorrow!  Crunch time!

One positive thing (beside being mold-free) occurred - one of my walls received a new paint color!  I'm loving the brightness (and the fact that I didn't have to use so much butcher paper to cover the walls).

Here are a few pictures from Owl Land (I know, there is not a 12 step process for an owl addiction):

Entrance to Room
Desk Corner
Fat Little Owls ;)
Front of Room
One handy idea I grabbed from somewhere (I forget!) was including clipboards (below objectives) with vocabulary cards for each grade-level - easy to grab or switch out words when I need to.
Word Wall (BLUE WALL) and Large Magnetic Staff Board (I love it)
Music/Melody Street (with vocab for high, low, pitch, melody, phrase, step, skip, and leap)
Close-Up of Music Street - (Fa and Ti will come soon for older students)
Music Tech Center
Composer Corner
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Sign-Out Spot (2-5 only)

7 Habits Posters (clip on "Habit of the Day/Week")

Data Tracking Wall (more about that soon)

7 Habits-based mission statement

7-Habits Themed Bulletin Board (each quarter note has a habit with language about how it looks in the music room)

The kids always ask, "Why are those owls so angry?"

New Leadership Recognition board - one leader per grade per week chosen by me (they get their picture out here, name on the announcements, and a special "owl" seat during class)

I can't wait to see your gorgeous rooms as you get back into your rooms this month!  Wishing you all a successful year and another year of sharing and learning between us!


  1. I love your owl filled room! My school mascot is an owl and I am inspired by some of your boards!

  2. AH!!!! What an awesome mascot!!! I'm so jealous!!!

    Have a good year ;)

  3. Hi Emily,
    I bought your 7 Habits packet on TPT last year after I quickly found our new principal wanted our school to start Leader In Me. I really like your "7 Key Notes" bulletin board and was curious what it says in each quarter note, relating 7 habits in music. Do you have this somewhere on TPT or could you email that to me? Lynnpiano@aol.com Love your room and can tell you've worked so hard! :)

  4. Where did you find the pictures for your Solfege Street bulletin board? I'm having a hard time finding a set online that looks like that.

  5. I love your ideas on how to incorporate Leader in Me and the seven habits!!!! Did you use WIG's and PIG's in your classroom too? We are in our second year of implementation of Leader in Me and if you are willing to share, I would love to hear how you used WIG's in your classroom. Thanks!