Thursday, December 13, 2012

Santa's Bag

Our school has a little store during the holiday season called "Santa Shop".  The students can buy little trinkets for their family there at a cheap price.  They're really excited about it!

In Kindergarten, I am a huge fan of Denise Gagne's Music Play Series (check it out: Music Play Kinder).  She has a cute re-write of "She'll be Comin' Down the Mountain" - she changes the words to: "He'll Be Comin' Down the Chimney".  She's written three cute verses.

Before we learn that song, the students learn the poem "Santa's Bag" (I made it up, which is probably why its terrible, haha).

Then, we click to reveal various gifts in Santa's Bag.  The students can also talk about which gifts they are hoping for. 


Then, we sing the song tracking the "chimney beats".  I've even used this song in a program, where that particular class dressed in western attire.  Cute stuff!

You can download the Power Point here: Santa's Bag

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