Tuesday, December 18, 2012

Snowball Songs - for Kinder and 1st

This activity is perfect for kinders and first graders.  Here's what we did:

First, the students selected one of four sets of word cards.  We put the words in order to create the sentence.  I labeled the words as "lyrics" and we read them.

 Next, a student added the steady beat plates.  We practiced tracking the plates as we said the words.  Then, we practiced keeping the steady beat by patting on our knees while saying the words.
Then, we clapped the rhythm (the way the words go).  For each beat, we figured out if one sound was there and put one snowball (labeled it as the quarter note, or ta) or if two sounds were there and put two snowballs (labeled them as the eighth note pair, or titi).  We practiced clapping the rhythms using both the words and "ta" or "titi".
Next, the students had to place each beat and word on a two-line staff.  The higher line was So and the lower line was Mi.  We sang the song on the solfa (using handsigns), then we sang the correct lyrics (using motions the students created).
Here's a look at the poster by itself (this is why I don't teach art).
I really want the students to make connections between the lyrics, the rhythms, and the melodies.  I always reiterate that the rhythms are the short and long sounds and silences and the pitches tell us how high or low to make our sounds when singing or playing.

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