Friday, November 9, 2012

Fall Bulletin Boards

I love bulletin boards.  If I run out of space, it goes on the wall somewhere.

These two are the latest.  The first one has songs first grade created, "Fall Leaves Song".  They had so much fun making their own song, singing it, and then playing it on the xylophones (we estimated the melodic directions).  On the side of the bulletin board is a pile of leaves (that start with the whole note then down to the sixteenth notes) and a rake (it looks terrible, I know).

The second includes two assignments I used with 4th graders before we went to see the symphony.  The Instrument Family Turkeys are too cute.  The students also completed an assignment about their favorite instruments.  On the little blue sign, they included "Tweets" about the symphony, using great descriptions such as "unique", "elegant", and "excellent".  Next week, they'll be using the Instrument Family Folder Games to review their knowledge of the instruments.

Gotta love the fire extinguisher - what a nice touch!

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