Friday, November 16, 2012

Gingerbread Man Rhythms

I know some schools do a "gingerbread man" hunt around the holidays.  I'm not sure what all it entails, but I do know that little kinders will stop by my room and ask me if I've seen their gingerbread man.

So, I created...GUESS WHAT?  A folder game.  The students match the rhythm pattern to the correct gingerbread people pattern.  I will follow these steps with my Kinder and 1st graders:

1. Model/example: As a class, we complete a pattern together (I draw a gingerbread people pattern on the board and we match it with the correct symbols).  First, we say "gin-ger" on the 8th note pairs and "bread" on the quarter notes.  Then, we match each rhythm.  We then chant the rhythm using "ta" and "titi".  Then, the students pantomime using rhythm sticks to say and play the rhythm.

2. Break into smaller groups (For kinder, they will do these in pairs around a circle.  For first, they will do this in their group stations).

3. Students say each pattern on "gin-ger" or "bread"

4.  Students match the correct rhythm to each pattern.  (Teacher walks around to check/help)

5.  Students say the rhythm pattern on "ta" or "titi".

6.  Students play each rhythm on a rhythm stick, placing each one back in their bag as they go.

You can download the game here: Gingerbread Rhythms

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