Sunday, November 11, 2012

Mi - So - La Lesson Bundle

Here's another bundle of lessons I've been working on: Mi So La Lesson Bundle.  This set is designed for my 1st graders, although I use some of the lessons with 2nd grade as well.  Each "lesson" is centered around one song, so, depending on how long your classes are, they most likely aren't complete "lessons" - just what i refer to as the "meat".  In a complete lesson, I usually have a warm-up activity, some review activity/song for fun/song that we'll use later to extract learning material from, movement/game activity, wrap-up activity, etc.

I love writing my own little songs, especially if I need one specific to a season.  This year, I wrote "Winter's Here" and a little partner song to go with it:

When the chilly wind slows,                                 
And the storm moves past,                                  
I'll catch little snowflakes;
Winter's here at last!

I love partner songs.  In choir, I use them all the time to develop their confidence as we learn two part music.  This is my second year at this particular school, and, after working a partner song with the choir, I thought - "I really need to start them on this younger."  My 2nd graders eagerly eat up songs with multiple parts, especially when I am performing one part while they try another.

What winter partner songs do you use?

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