Friday, November 9, 2012

Thanksgiving-Themed Pentatonic Games

Gobble-gobble!  I'm definitely getting into the Thanksgiving season.

My 3rd graders are reviewing the do pentatonic scale.  I created two "turkey" themed games for them to use as station activities.

The first game is a folder game (I SIMPLY LOVE THESE - easy to store, clean-up, and reuse).  In "Turkey Tunes", the students match melody cards (Do-Re-Mi-La) to the correct melody on the staff.  When they finish, they identify repeats, steps, skips, and leaps.

The second is a poster game.  In "Tuneful Turkeys" the students whack the correct turkey after reading a melody pattern on the staff.  We use hand-clappers I found at Dollar Tree.  Built in applause, hahaha.

You can download the games here: Thanksgiving Pentatonic Games

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