Sunday, July 7, 2013

Apple Tree

Although this song uses the pitches Do-Mi-So-La, I think it is a great song to use with 3rd graders at the beginning of the year (apples are so fall/school themed anyway) as we review all the pitches they learned in 2nd.  I begin using songs with Do-Re-Mi, then add So and La in a variety of ways until the Do Pentatonic scale has been reconstructed (this "review" usually takes the first 1.5 months of school).  I've added lots of little "extras" to this download, check it out:
Lyrics Slide
Steady Beat Slide
Rhythm Icon Slide
Rhythm Slide
Rhythm Worksheet
The slide above can be used (after printed on cardstock, laminated, and placed in plastic bags) as a dictation exercise (students can dictate patterns of your choice or use the icons to recreate the rhythms of the song) or composition exercise (students can create patterns of their own for others to dictate, play on an instrument, or use as an ostinato).
Add the Melody

Melodic Icons
You'll notice that "Re" is included in some of the following slides because my students have already learned it at this point.  If you're using this song with 2nd graders, skip over those slides.

Solfa Icons

Solfa on Staff

Melody on Staff

For some extra fun, I added a partner song this year (created by me).  Instructions are included for transferring the song to bass xylophones and also for creating two-part singing music with your students.

I also added cards (as usual) for reconstructing the song (as an assessment).  Here's a picture of the solfa cards (lyrics - rhythm - solfa cards included):
The download also includes notes for teaching and instructions for a fun movement activity.

If you've already downloaded my Do Mi So La Lesson Bundle, you'll find it there (check out my post for more info: Do Mi So La Lessons).  That download includes six other song slides for teaching Do Mi So La and accompanying worksheets, instructions, printables, games, movement suggestions, and instrumentation).

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