Monday, July 8, 2013


 Here's a good song to use with older kiddos (4th/5th) at the beginning of the year or 3rd graders more toward the end.

I created a movement activity that students enjoy doing that accompanies this song.  Here's the instructions.  Hopefully, I can update this later with a video of the kiddos doing it (our district has strict photo/video rules).
Afterward, students match the movements they used to corresponding rhythms (we do this together - I've printed out the pictures and the class matches them).
If you're using this song with 3rd graders, you may choose to stop there, or to bring back this powerpoint later in the year.  For 4th and 5th graders who already are familiar with  low la, you can skip the preparation slides if you need to.  Before discussing "tim-ka" - students obviously should be familiar with 16th notes (both beamed and separated) and also understand what a "tie" is.

Here are the slides used for teaching the song:

If you've downloaded my Low La set, you'll find this file there.  However, I included all the instructions and slides so that everyone can use it if they'd like.  Enjoy!

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