Sunday, July 7, 2013

Fall Rhythm Fun

I know it is a little early, but while wandering Hobby Lobby yesterday, I came across this set of fall table scatter shapes for $3.99:

Although I'm sure they vary per package, mine included: 19 brown leaves, 31 green leaves, 13 red-brown acorns, 14 orange acorns, 8 golden acorns, and 7 green acorns.

I'm thinking of using them as a rhythm activity for 1st grade (although kinder could do this also, they just wouldn't dictate the rhythms).

Each pair of kiddos would get a copy sheet below (in a sheet protector with a dry erase marker and eraser) and a bag of acorns and leaves:
The students would create rhythm patterns with the shapes and say "a-corn" or "leaf" while clapping.  Then, they would draw the correct rhythm and clap and chant on "ta" or "titi".  Students could also dictate rhythms provided by the teacher or classmates.  Rhythms could also be played on unpitched instruments.

Fun stuff - although I'm still not ready for school to start!


  1. Emily, do you have the Fall Rhythm Fun chart available in your TPT store?

  2. I do, in my Fall into Music set, but I can also email it to you if you'd like ( Side note: I originally found these shapes at Hobby Lobby but I recently found similar ones at Target ($1).

  3. Thanks so much! I found them at Target last week! :) My email is

  4. Hi Emily!
    I just purchased your Fall into Music set and am so excited to use your creative lesson ideas! I noticed that the Fall Rhythm Fun section does not include the blank boxes sheet. Is there any way I can get that sheet to use? I have the leaves and acorns ready to go and would love to use your lovely sheet! Please email me at when you get a chance. Again, thank you for your creative lessons!


  5. Again, fantastic lesson ideas!! I am purchasing your fall packet on TPT but would also love the blank box sheet if possible.