Sunday, October 28, 2012

Bow Wow Wow

My 3rd graders are moving into the Do Pentatonic scale.  I'm working on a huge packet to use with them - we're talking songs, movement activities, games, worksheets, Power Points, more manipulatives - the whole enchilada!

I'm using the popular song "Bow, Wow, Wow" to start.  For lesson one, I only use the rhythm - we chant, we don't sing the song on the pitches yet.

Here's a slide from the Power Point I use for the first lesson.  We identify the rhythm from iconic notation, practice using rhythm to read the song and play instruments, then do a Composition Activity
I love the dog houses as the steady beats.  The students love sharing their compositions with others.

For lesson two, I'll introduce the pitches (the students already know drm).  We'll also add a movement activity.

For lesson three, we'll put the pitches on the music staff and add some singable Orff orchestrations.  The students will also get to practice dictating pentatonic melodies on the music staff.

Lots to keep me busy.  What are some of your favorite pentatonic songs?

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