Monday, October 15, 2012

Spooky Ta's and TiTi's

I use this worksheet with my 1st graders.  Before I give it to them, we have already practice all the words below using pictures I drew on white paper plates (sturdy and fun to move around to create new patterns).

This is an independent activity.  However, as a class, we go over the instructions and we practice saying and clapping the top row of pictures.

Then we cut out all the pictures.  The students place them in correct rhythm box.  Then we glue.

During the next class, after I’ve graded their papers, we go over where each picture belongs.  Then, using the plates, we create four beat patterns to say, clap and say, and play on rhythm sticks.  First we say, clap and say, and play the correct words, then we substitute “ta” or “titi”.  The students are invited to share their own four beat pattern for the class to use.

After practicing with that, we dictate the rhythms of the plates using Popsicle sticks.

Have fun!  Download for free here: Spooky Rhythms

(Quarter Note pictures: ghost, bat, grave, treat, witch)
(Eighth Note Pair pictures: mummy, black cat, pumpkin, scarecrow, spider)

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