Sunday, October 14, 2012

Turkey, Turkey

I'm already starting to think about Thanksgiving...maybe it is just because I'm hungry!

Anyway, I re-did the words to that good old tune "Pumpkin, Pumpkin" and fit them for Thanksgiving.  This should be great for my 2nd graders because we will have been practicing "La" and preparing for "Do" (See, I'm so Kodaly, haha).  They already know "Pumpkin, Pumpkin", so I can't wait for them to make the connection.  This is also a great rhythm review of "tikatika".

There's a game and of course, an ostinato to go with it.  There's a cute little turkey hat at Micheal's right now - we use that.
I also stuck lots of great vocabulary stuff in there (I LOVE having a Word Wall...what a DORK I was teaching without one!) such as: pitch, melody, solfege, rhythm, staff, measure, barline, double barline and time signature.

 I also created a worksheet.  I don't know how you feel about worksheets, but as long as they can be manipulated (put things on top of them, cut and paste stuff from them, etc) I love them.  My students seem to enjoy them also, especially if they can be sent home or hung outside the classroom on my "All-Star Work" bulletin board..  I've even had a student declare, "I love music, because we get to learn something, and then we actually get to do something with it."  Cute, huh?

Have fun!  You can download everything here (and the worksheet is free!):  Turkey, Turkey

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