Sunday, October 28, 2012

Cookie Pan Fun

After seeing some Cookie Pan activities on Pinterest, I thought - why not use that in the music room?

So, I create these.  The pan is from Dollar Tree, as were the magnets and black electrical tape.

I just got around to using these in my room and the kids loved it.  Here's some ideas:

2nd Grade
1. As a station, I left an instruction page of melodies to create (For Example: Sol Sol La Mi).  The students created the melodies on their cookie pan, I checked them, then they created more (I had about 10 patterns for them to try).

3rd Grade
1. As a review before their Do-Re-Mi test, I seated the students in four lines (they are in four groups in my room).  The first student dictated the melody I asked, then, when I rang the triangle, they could let their teammates check their melody (that way, some of my struggling kids were included and helped by their peers).  I would ring the triangle again and ask to see their "final answer".  The kids loved it!  Here's the rounds:
Round 1: Place one magnet in various lines and spaces (Do is on space 1, put a button there)
Round 2: Adding Mi (Do is on line 4, put a button there.  Put the other button where Mi lives)
Round 3: Adding Re (Do-Re-Mi)
Round 4: Changing the order (Do-Mi-Re, Re-Mi-Do, Re-Do-Mi, Mi-Re-Do, etc)


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