Sunday, October 21, 2012

Thanksgiving Packet for First Graders

I love Sundays - football and lesson planning!

I created this packet using some old favorites and some new ideas.

On the previous post, I talked about the Sightreading Ice-cream Sundae.  I made the mistake of leaving the poster out where my first graders could see it.  Before we began class, one of them asked, "Mrs. Fricke, what is that icecream for?"

I initially created it to help my 4th and 5th graders synthesize all the sight-reading steps.  Then I thought, well, of course first graders can use it.  My school is into the "Clip Up" chart, so I made a clip to use also.  We'll "clip up" the icecream sundae as we do the steps.
I'm already booked for October - no more room - in fact, I wish I could extend my lessons for the month by a week!  So, I got started brainstorming on November, and created a Thanksgiving packet that incorporates the Sundae.  The worksheet on the left is for extra rhythm practice (The first graders loved "Spooky Rhythms") and the one below uses the Sundae steps.

In the packet, you can download the Sundae, four worksheets, and complete lesson plans.  Be sure to download the powerpoint as well.  You can download them here: First Grade Music Thanksgiving Packet

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