Monday, October 8, 2012

Spooky Music Unit

Of course I can't just relax and enjoy my Columbus Day off...

 Instead, I created a Spooky Music Listening Unit! You can download it here: Spooky Music Unit

Here is the basic information:

Target Grades: 4-6
Curricular Connections: Writing, Observations
Pieces Studied: "Dies Irae" (Verdi), "In the Hall of the Mountain King" (Grieg), "Imperial March" (Williams), "Night on Bald Mountain" (Mussorgsky) and "O Fortuna" (Orff) 
Included: Biographies of all 5 composers, Information about 3 of the piece, 5 complete lessons, and 5 activity sheets for students, I also included instructions for GLOWSTICK CONDUCTING - a yearly favorite with my students.

The unit follows five basic activities:
1. Pre-Writing Activty (What do they know?)
2. Discussion Generation Activity (Fun activity to introduce using musical terms)
3. Learning Activity (fun activity for learning how to use the musical terms)
4. Practice Activity (practice including musical terms in writing - address composer purpose/inspiration)
5. Assessment - (Now, what do we know?)

Here are some pictures of two of the sheets included in the packet.


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