Sunday, October 14, 2012

"Leaves" - 3 mini-lessons for K-2

Happy Autumn everyone!  Isn't this season great?!

We are finally getting some colder weather where I, feeling inspired, I wrote this original song.

I use the song and movements with my kindergarteners.  There are many "leaf" songs out there to use with this.

For my first graders, I use three mini-lessons.  I really like these because they connect so many concepts together (pitch, melody, melodic direction, high/low and ta/titi).  The students use instruments, improvise sung melodies, and even create their own cute composition (see below).

Students love to take compositions home to sing with family members.  What a cool, festive creation to hang on the fridge!
"Can you sing my fall song? " Composition

You can download the song, lessons, worksheets, and rhythm cards here: Leaves

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