Monday, April 8, 2013

Grocery Store

Eating healthy is on my brain...

So I created another Recorder Folder Game.  If you've downloaded my Recorder Mega Set, you'll find it there.

Here's the instruction page (I glue these to the front of the folder):
And here is a game-play page.  These are glued inside the file folder:

And this is a matching card.  I laminate these and place them in plastic baggies which I staple to the folder.  This makes the game easy to pass out, clean up, and store.  No issues with that format yet ;)
I'll probably keep adding to that file as I continue to develop more recorder rep!  Enjoy!


  1. With your folder games, do you use them in stations? Or are you passing the same game out to the entire class and everyone is doing them at the same time? I LOVE your site...very inspiring.

  2. I've done it both ways, but usually I pass out a folder to pairs of students.

    I have several reasons for doing so:

    1. To make sure students understand what to do, we often match one or two together.
    2. After the students match all of the pairs, they begin practicing the pairs on the recorder (yes, it is loud).
    3. When everyone has finished matching, I play one of the patterns on the recorder and the students must identify it. Then, we all play it together.
    4. I also let students play patterns alone for the class and we identify what was played (just like step 3, only students lead). They love this.

    I feel when using these folders in stations, the students lose the ear-training and solo experience.