Saturday, April 13, 2013


Today, I updated my file, Hey, Hey, Look at Me and added the song "Seesaw".  It occurred to me that these two songs would make great partner-songs.  They have the same rhythmic and melodic structure, but different words, so the little ones can begin to "harmonzie" without too much difficulty.  If you've already downloaded "Hey, Hey", just download it again and "Seesaw" should be there.

I already enjoy getting student input on choreography ("How could we dance to this?"  "How can we show the steady beat?" etc) and instrumentation ("Which instrument should we use here?"  "What should we play on that instrument?").  These opportunities for creativity are really important, and, as a control freak, it is really important for me to make sure they get them.

We've been discussing form with lessons like Ballet of the Unhatched Chicks, and so I'm going to let my students create their own form after we work on Seesaw (kinder).  They can incorporate the motions and instrumentations we already know.

Here are some slides from this update:
Rhythm Icon Slide

Melodic Slide (after so and mi are labeled and then taken away)

Example of melodic printable

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