Saturday, April 20, 2013

Little Ruby Red Bird - a mi so la song and game for spring

My 1st graders are working on Mi-So-La rep.  I reworded the British folk song "Little Robin Red Breast" to create, "Little Ruby Red Bird".

The download includes 34 slides for teaching the song, including slides with vocabulary (pitch, melody, rhythm, quarter note, quarter rest, eighth note pair, etc), slides for preparing to add rhythms, slides for preparing and singing "la" and simple instrumentation.

Here's a rhythm prep slide:

Here's some rhythmic vocabulary:
Introducing the pitches:
And some la prep:
I've also added some steady beat and rhythm icon print-outs.  I like using these on subsequent lessons, when we are ready to add the melody, after we've learned the rhythms.  It is a good way to review the song without revisiting the previous slides int he powerpoint.
I've also included a game that coincides with the song.  There are nine printable cards like this:
That the students can use in a variety of ways (I've included instructions for four separate ways).  I like to incorporate ear training whenever possible and this is a great way to do that.

You can get the download from my TPT store here: Little Ruby Red Bird

This download is also available in my 2nd Mi So La lesson bundle

For my Mi So La lessons, check out my 1st Mi So La lesson bundle

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