Saturday, April 27, 2013

Low La Lessons, Games, and Activities

My older students (3rd and 4th) are working on (it varies per grade) low la, low so, and high do - really trying to get that extended Do pentatonic learned and practiced before the summer.

Low la and low so go really great with our recorder unit and a lot of the songs provide students the opportunity to add movement or well-loved folk dances, instrumentation, and explore their creativity and composition skills.  I, for one, and in love with anything La-based, so I'm excited we are here as well.

I included some of our favorite lessons in this set for teaching Low La:
Corn Grinding Song


Canoe Song/Land of the Silver Birch

Old Mr. Rabbit

See the Rabbit Running

One Morning Soon

Who Has Seen the Wind

Along with teach aides, printable games, and worksheets:

Rabbit Race - solfa and recorder matching game

Grocery Store Recorder Folder Game

Game Activities for Low La Patterns

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