Wednesday, April 3, 2013

See the Rabbit Running

I've added another PowerPoint to my product, Old Mr. Rabbit.  If you've already purchased this, download the file again and you'll find it there.  These songs work well together.

Unlike "Old Mr. Rabbit", I've added some low la preparation slides for introducing the pitch.  Here's an overview of the slides:

Lyrics slide:

Steady Beat Slide:
 There's also a slide for adding the time signature, measures, and bar lines.  Here's the rhythm prep slide:

 Here's the rhythm slide:
And then we'll add in the melody:

Label it with solfa we know:

Then add in our new pitch:

Put the pitches on the staff:

And then add absolute pitches so we can play on the recorder:
Can you play it without any help?!
Here's an example of a printable.  There are four (lyrics, rhythms, solfa and absolute pitches).  Use them as an assessment (more instructions are included in the PowerPoint):
And then, here's a pitch ladder.  I have a little stuffed bunny who can hop up and down the screen (four hops, four pitches).  The students sing the melody after the bunny hops:

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