Sunday, April 7, 2013


This is a great song for introducing low la, especially if your students are using recorder.  I like sneaking solfa into our recorder lessons so the students continue to use it and continue to learn new pitches.

This song also have a passing game that students enjoy playing.  In case you have kiddos that aren't quite ready for a new pitch on the recorder, I've included two easier instrument parts (drum and shaker of your choice).  That way, everyone is either playing an instrument, singing, or passing.

The PowerPoint includes 36 slides, including slides for introducing low la.  I've included tips and instructions for you in the notes section of most of the slides.

If you bought my Recorder Mega Set, you will find this song in the "Recorder Orff Game/Movement Lessons" tab under the updated version I just posted.

If you haven't, you can download the song here: Hosisipa

Here's some examples from the PowerPoint:

Background Info

Rhythm Prep Slide

Melody Intro Slide
Sample Melody Preparation Slide
Presenting La

Solfa Slides

Getting on the Staff

On the staff

Real music - with solfa

play on the recorder!


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