Thursday, April 25, 2013

Mi So La "Doggie" Songs

Students love both of these songs - why I never put them together - who knows!  They are really fun games for students to revisit later when they learn "Bow Wow Wow" also - so they are great for 2nd graders at the beginning of the year or 1st graders toward the end.

Beforehand (or in subsequent lessons) students can play the "Help the dog find all his bones" game.  There is a rhythm version.   Try chanting on "doggie" and "bone" then on "ta" and "titi":

 And a melodic version:

First, we learn the song, "Doggie, Doggie" - I love the game that goes with this and it also gives students the opportunity to sing alone.  I've used paper plates that I had drawn doggies (titi) and bones (ta) on for use in decoding the rhythm of the song.  I also like that this song gives me the opportunity to discuss what a 'slur' is.

I "chunk" the song into two lessons - one where we learn the rhythms (and then do other things) and one where we  complete the rhythm activity, learn the melody and play the game.  We play the game again in another lesson and we also learn the rhythms for "Red Rover".

Here are some slides from "Doggie, Doggie":

And some printables:

  Here are some slides for "Red Rover":

And the printables (I like to re-use lots of them by placing them in plastic page protectors and having the students dry erase markers):

For the game with "Red Rover" - I don't use the conventional one.  I mean, ouch!  For this version, the students sit in two lines.  One student on each "team" is the "team captain".  Team A goes first, singing the song.  Instead of singing Sally, they decide on someone on the opposing team and sing their name.  Then, the "team captain" tells that person which pattern they will have to identify (speaking voice) or sing (singing voice).  If the person selected does so correctly, they stay on their team.  If not, they join the other team.  The team with the most people (usually we run out of time - but you can play until all patterns are used) wins.

Here's an example of the patterns (in D major like the songs).  I also included other ideas for use:

If you already downloaded my updated Mi So La bundle, you'll find these activities included there.
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