Tuesday, February 19, 2013


My students had oh so much fun with Naughty Kitty Cat - our principal even stopped by to ask me a question and got to check out our little movement activity.  I really have a great bunch of kinder students with such cute personalities and really awesome attention spans.  Can't complain.

They enjoyed the "help the cat put the butter away" rhythm game so much that I created this song for them.  It is called "Bluebird" and is perfect for the coming of Spring.  I'll be adding an easy melody (so and mi) for this soon.

You can download this PowerPoint, Bluebird, for free at my TPT store.  I really appreciate feedback, so don't hesitate to comment.

Don't forget to point out the rhyming words that end in the e sound

 Add "bluebird" (pat), "tree" (clap) and make a "hoo" face while flapping wings on the owl to get students prepared for adding the rhythms.
 My students have already learned these rhythms - this is just practice.
The instrument slide also discusses the form and how to add dynamics to the song.
 Ack! I love owls!  The students will dictate the rhythms on the owls during the next lesson.
 I like to use this activity as a warm-up.  Click on the eggs (in order) to go to an "egg pattern" slide and have your students read the rhythms (try picking a few to do this soloistically).  Then, click on the egg on the "egg pattern" slide to get back to this slide.  Click on the bottom of the next and the egg(s) will slide into place.

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  1. Thanks for sharing this great free lesson with us!