Sunday, February 17, 2013

Pot 'o Gold - a So and Mi St. Patrick's Day Game

I created this game for my Kinder students.  I was able to practice linking slides in Power Point and it is great for this activity.  You can get it here: Pot 'o Gold - A So and Mi Saint Patrick's Day Game

I've also created a version for my 1st graders - this on includes the pitches Mi-So-La.  It also includes the matching game, Power Point game, and folder game in both F and G Major.  You can get it here: Pot 'o Gold - A Mi-So-La Saint Patrick's Day Game

First, the students view the Power Point.  It will help them understand how to play the game.

Each coin is linked to a slide like the one below.  Students can sing the slide on So and Mi.  Once they've sung it correctly, a click on the four leaf clover will bring you back to this slide.  Click on the Leprechaun and the coin slides behind the pot.  Be sure to collect the coins in order.

The patterns on the coins are the same as some of the patterns on the pot in the game.  Students can practice singing and labeling these melodies before they do so with the game materials.

So and Mi in this Power Point and game are in F Major (So is on space 3 and Mi is on Space 2) and G Major (So is on line 4 and Mi is on line 3).  Students can practice reading So and Mi on spaces and lines this way.

Here's an example of the Pots and Leprechauns (they are in color in the download).  I've found that I don't really need to print on card stock - although this is a sturdier way.  I store the materials in quart-sized ZipLock bags and then store the entire set (I make enough so that students work in partners) in a gallon sized ZipLock bags which I label and store in a large tub.

The students play the game in a large circle of pairs or trios (they are sitting next to their partner).  Be sure to spread them out and warn them against mixing up materials.

With the little ones, I follow these steps (sometimes I model playing out the whole game as a class before distributing individual materials):
1. Get out all the Leprechauns.  Sing the melody on all the Leprechauns, having students locate the correct Leprechaun and sing it.  (I'll sing "So So Mi Mi" and the students have to find it and hold it up.  Then we sing it together).
2. Then, I model pulling out a Pot and showing it to the class.  We identify the melody on it, then find the corresponding Leprechaun and put it together.  I then let the students do this step with their own materials.  (Most understand immediately but some need me to model this at their spot with them).
3. ONLY CALL OVER THE TEACHER WHEN YOU'VE MATCHED ALL THE PAIRS.  This leaves you free to monitor and help most of the time.
4. If students are finished, I check their pairs.  I put correct pairs back in the bag and leave incorrect pairs out for them to "try it again".  I'll come back and check.  When all pairs are correct, they turn over the cards and play a memory game.  If they pick two cards that match, they keep them and play again.  If not, it is their partner's turn.

I've also added my "Over the Rainbow" folder game.  My younger ones have done really well using fold games in the past.  Simply paste page 1 to the front of the folder and pages 3 and 4 on the inside.  Laminate.  Laminate then cut out page 2.  Store in a ziplock bag stapled to the folder.  While folder games can be time-consuming to make, they are sturdy, easy to store, and kid-friendly.  I love them!

The students match the "hat" to the melody created by the coins on the pot 'o gold.

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