Monday, February 11, 2013

Do-Mi-So-La Lesson Bundle Update

Here's a few updates to my Do-Mi-So-La Lesson Bundle :
1. Do Mi So La Mad Minutes ( D, F, G Major, C/D/F/G Major, C/D/F/G Major Fill-In)
2. Bickle Bockle PowerPoint Lesson
3. "Fishy Fun" Dictation Activity

Here's the Bickle Bockle Lesson:
Be sure to check out the "notes" section of the Power Point

I love to watch them play this movement activity!

Here's a dictation/composition activity.  Print out the page and give the students some GOLDFISH (yummy).  They will need at least six if you follow the instructions in the Power Point.  I haven't used goldfish before, I have some cool circular spacers in teal and blue.  The print-out is in color.