Sunday, February 10, 2013

Old Ark's A-Moverin' - a recorder lesson for Black History Month

I created this PowerPoint to address two things I felt were missing from my student's recorder rep - 1) A song with syncopa (eighth-quarter-eighth) and 2) a song that addressed Black History Month

I choose the A section of the song "Old Ark's A-Moverin."  I think it works well to address both needs.  I also created another set of recorder printables (this is my third set so far - I love them) to accompany this PowerPoint.

During the 1st lesson, students will learn the song using the Power Point.  During the second lesson, students will review the song and practice it independently using the printables.  This song will be an "extra" in our rep (as I've already printed the list of songs - ack).

The PowerPoint has 13 slides:
1. Title Slide
2. Slide about African American Spirituals
3. Lyrics (tips in notes)
4. Rhythms (tips in notes)
5. Solfa pitches (for singing)
6. Rhythms (with steps for playing recorder)
7. BAG pitches (with steps for playing recorder)
8. BAG pitches on staff (with steps for recorder playing)
9. Instructions for using printables
10. Lyrics Printables
11. Rhythms Printables
12. Solfa Printables
13. Absolute Pitch Printables

You can get the Power Point here: Old Ark's A-Moverin'

Check out a selection of some of the slides:

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