Sunday, February 3, 2013

B-A-G/Do-Re-Mi Tent Game

I love tent games!  I've used them ever since I saw a 5th grade teacher using them in her classroom.  I usually use them with rhythm patterns and un-pitched instruments and most of them I've hand-drawn.

I'm way into recorder games.  These are such a great way to solidify recorder skills in a non-threatening, non-repetitive, fun way for the students.

Here's a tent game I made to use with beginning recorder players.  The great thing about this game is it offers opportunities for sight-reading, ear-training, and composition.  As I was making it, I though, "Duh!  These are Do-Re-Mi too" so 2nd grade will be using this soon as well, but instead of playing, they'll be singing and signing.

Here are the two instruction pages:

And here are two examples of the cards.  Simply print them out on card stock and fold them in half.  I've left the document in Microsoft Word so you can add E later (B-A-G-E).

You can download it here: B-A-G Tent Game

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