Sunday, February 10, 2013

Mouse, Mousie Freebie

I'm working on a dmsl unit for my 2nd graders.  The units are pretty thorough and take FOREVER to put together (even though I've created a lot of the things in previous years) - I'm sure you can relate!

Here's one of the songs from the unit.  You can download it for free here: Mouse, Mousie
Title Slide

Lyrics - I've included instructions for reading these in the notes section
Lyrics with steady beat - instructions in notes section
Even younger students can learn about time signatures, measures, and barlines
Iconic representation of the rhythms - instructions included
Rhythms for students to read and use body percussion
Rhythm icons at different levels for intro to solfa
Music Street - the color of the houses matter - check out instructions in notes section of PowerPoint
Solfa - but who is "low"?

Oh - it is DO!
Icons on the music staff
Wow - that looks like real music!
My students love this game!
Use this slide as a rhythm dictation assessment - instructions included in notes of Power Point

Printables - I love them!  They are a great way for students to get another experience with the song - without viewing the PowerPoint again.

Instructions for using the printables are included in the PowerPoint.

I usually teach this lesson in 3 chunks (I only have 30 minutes per lesson and we have other things to do as well, such as warm-ups, movement activities, and listening selections).

Lesson 1: Learn song through rhythm page.  Do rhythm dictation assignment.
Lesson 2: Learn the rest of the song (melody), add Orff parts and game.
Lesson 3: Use printables to construct the song (without teacher help).  Perform printables while looking at them and with them turned over.

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