Wednesday, February 6, 2013

Recorder Printables

After having success with my Snowman Melodies, I decided to create a similar structure for use with my beginning recorder players.

*The bottom layer (flour) has the lyrics (the words of the song).  The students put the cards in order and read the lyrics.

* The next layer (spices) has the rhythms.  The students read these using syllables of your choice.  Then, the students clap while saying the syllables.  Then, they clap while tracking the rhythms and saying the words.  If they are playing recorder, I have them perform the rhythms, fingering "B" on the recorder and saying "doo".  Then, the students play the rhythms on the recorder.

* The next layer (milk) has the solfa pitches, which help us use our singing voice.  Have the students track and sign the solfa.  Then have them sing and sign the solfa.  Then sing the words.

* The top layer (hot cross buns) has the absolute pitches, which help us play the recorder.  Have the students sing and finger the letters.  Then, have the students say "doo" while moving their fingers.  Then, they can play.

This structure really helps relate multiple elements of music.  You can also discuss the time signature, music staff, and treble clef.  My students like to turn over the cards and see if they've memorized the material on them.

I've also created a set of printables for the song, "Closet Key".  If you've already downloaded my B-A-G Recorder Songs Power Points, I simply added the these to the Zip File.  If you haven't downloaded the Power Points, you find these printables included in that download.  Check out this free downloard, 12 Recorder Songs for printable music to accompany these songs.

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