Sunday, January 27, 2013

So and Mi Lesson Bundle

My kinder students will begin to learn So and Mi soon.  I created this unit for them.  If you've downloaded my Complete Pentatonic Unit, this download is much the same, except for teaching So and Mi.  Although I use listening examples and other songs when I teach So and Mi (which I've either posted previously or will post), this download is the "meat" of my unit and usually takes me more than two months to complete.  You can download it here: So and Mi Lesson Bundle

Here's an example of a Lesson Power Point (all instructions are included in the "notes" section):

To supplement the learning in the Power Point, I've created a Power Point of practice slides in each key.  Here's an example from G Major.  You can also print these out and use them as flashcards for the class to sing during warm-up time or to use to create new melodies.
Here's a slide from the BoomWhacker Power Point, which students can use to play and practice So and Mi in C Major.
I've also included folder games, like "Bee-utiful Melodies"

 And Mad Minutes (here's one in C Major)

Here's what's included:
1. Four Lesson Power Points (instructions, movement/games, and instrumentation included) for: Bee Bee, Engine Engine, One Two Sky Blue, and Rain, Rain
2. Four Mad Minute Labeling Worksheets (CDFG Majors)
3. Four Power Point Practice Slides - for warm-ups and extra practice (CDFG Majors)
4. Three Folder Games in C Major
5. Four Folder Games where students match the solfa to the notes on the staff (CDFG Majors)
6. BoomWhacker Power Point for So/Mi instrument fun
7. So and Mi on the Spaces Staff Practice Worksheet
8. So and Mi on the Lines Staff Practice Worksheet
9. Musical Breakfast Game (includes game-cards, instructions, teaching Power Point, rhythm tracking page, melody tracking page, student composition activity) - My students love this game

10. Starlight Starbright Game (includes game-cards, instructions, teaching Power Point, melody tracking page)
11. Will You Be My Love Bug (great for reviewing basic rhythms and introducing So and Mi - good for Valentine's Day too)

12. Lesson Sequence Suggestion - use this to guide your So and Mi planning

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