Tuesday, January 8, 2013

B-A-G Recorder Patterns Level One

This Power Point includes 24 B-A-G recorder patterns using the rhythm quarter-quarter-quarter-rest.  I also included a fingering chart slide for B-A-G.  You can download it for free here: B-A-G Recorder Patterns Level 1

 I use them:
1. As a warm-up/practice activity for beginning recorder players.
2. I print them out and laminate them, then the students can arrange them in different ways to compose their own recorder songs.
3. You can also lay them out, play a pattern, and have the students identify what you've played (ear training).

I'm sure I'll think of other ways this year.  I also intend to make more difficult patterns this year as we progress (using eighth notes, half notes, dotted quarter eighth and syncopations).


  1. These are great! I just downloaded them. I was wondering how you made your patterns on the staff like that? My goal for the new year is to be a little more tech-savvy in creating my own stuff, since I just got an ActivBoard. :)

  2. Sure! I'll try to explain:

    In PowerPoint, I created a graph with four rows and only one column. This creates the music staff.

    Then, I added treble clef clip art.

    I created the rhythms using circle shapes and lines.

    I added word-art on top in white for the pitch names.

    The time signature is black clip-art.

    The quarter rest is from a google search.

    Hope that helps.

  3. That helps a bunch! For some reason I rarely think of PowerPoint and instead use the Activ board software, which I don't think is nearly as flexible. Thanks again!