Tuesday, January 8, 2013

Snowflake worksheet - Kinder and First

Earlier, I posted about using paper plates and Styrofoam balls when teaching a snowball-themed rhythm and melody lesson.  Here's the link to that post if you need it: Snowball Rhythms

Snowflake Rhythms and Melodies

To extend learning, I've added this worksheet: Snowflake Songs
This set of four worksheets (each worksheet has different text at the bottom) is available for free at my TPT store.

First, students read the words.
Second, students tap the beat pictures while reading the words (you might reinforce this by playing a drum four times).  The students count that there are four beats in this song.
Third, students clap the rhythm (the way the words go) of the word (you might reinforce this by playing a different instrument).
Fourth, the students figure out which rhythm goes in each steady beat box.
Fifth, the students draw the rhythms in each box.
Sixth, the students cut out the rhythms.
Seventh, the students glue them on a piece of blue construction paper (we have a copier that prints on construction paper, so I just draw 2 lines for them and run those off) on either the top line (for sol) or the bottom line (for mi).
Eighth, the students sing their song.
Extensions: Students can share their songs with a friend.  Students can play their songs on instruments.  You can project their songs onto the screen or hold them up and the whole class can sing, etc.

Here's an example:

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