Sunday, January 27, 2013

Recorder Fingerings Posters - DIY

I posted these last year and I'm hoping to make a free PDF for interested music teachers to download.  They were really effective in helping the students.  Here's the instructions on how to make them:

1. First, I traced the recorder in pencil (ours are always from Peripole - I love all their products and their customer service is great) on cardstock.  Then, I added the blank finger holes at the top.
2. Second, I colored the recorder and colored in the corresponding fingerings (in a bright color- Lines are Red for use and Spaces are green).  Then I added the bit about "left hand", "right hand" and "thumb".
3. Third, I drew the music staff with the correct pitch and labeled it, both with the letter (A) and the reference to where it lives (space 2).
4. Lastly, I mounted the cardstock on black construction paper.  Laminate and hang.

I pointed out where these posters were to the students and how to use them.  They are allowed to walk over and view them as they need to during practice times.

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