Thursday, January 3, 2013

Here comes the Recorder....

I love teaching the recorder.  Each year, I get more tricks in my bag and my students are more successful.  This year, I've got many great ideas to share.  Here's the first set: BAG Recorder Songs - PowerPoints

This set includes the following songs in PowerPoint format:
1. All Through The Night
2. Au Clair de la Lune
3. Babylon's Falling
4. Closet Key
5. Hop Old Squirrel
6. Hot Cross Buns
7. Merrily We Roll Along

If you download the free preview, you'll see the file I'm using to explain my process below.  If it works for you, check out the rest of the songs.  I'll be using these PowerPoints with my 3rd graders.  I love my group of 3rd graders - I can honestly say they are the most prepared group I've every had to start recorder.  Can't wait.

Title Slide
Lyrics Slide - read lyrics and discuss meaning

Rhythms - chant on syllables then lyrics 

Pitches - sing on solfa with Curwen Handsigns - then on lyrics
Pitches on the staff - sing on solfa with Curwen Handsigns - then on lyrics
Sing the rhythms on doo - then, using recorders - play the rhythms on B only
Letter names - follow the instructions in the box
Letter names on the staff - follow the instructions in the box


  1. This looks wonderful! I can really use some new ideas for teaching my super slow 5 th graders. They just didn't get it as a group last year and are a struggle every class lately. Maybe new visuals will inspire them. I've never had a group this difficult!

  2. Hope it works for you! I created them for myself because of my numerous SPED kiddos - they've had much more success this year.

  3. How do you put notation on a power point? I have a feeling it's a copy paste issue but I don't where to start to copy/paste. I would love to create what you did. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!!

  4. I wish I had some nice music software...but I don't. I simply create each rhythm out of shapes (for instance - a quarter note is a circle with a line) which I group together. The staff is a four row table. It is incredibly tedious, I won't deny it :(