Monday, January 21, 2013

Three Mi-So-La Songs in Spanish

Here's an example of a rhythm preparation slide
Here's an example of a melodic preparation slide
I teach in southern New Mexico.  One of my professional development focuses this year is to use more Spanish in the classroom.

I created three Power Points using songs in Spanish to help teach my 1st graders the pitches Mi-So-La (although they are appropriate for second grade as well).  I'm really into integrating practice worksheets, group activities, movement and game activities and instrumentation - so I've included that with these lessons as well.

The lessons include:
1. Arre Mi Burrito (D Major)
2. Duerme Mi Tesoro (C Major)
3. Chini Mini (C Major)
4. Mad Minute Worksheets (C and D Major)
5. Mi-So-La Folder Games (C and D Major)
Example of a Mad Minute
Example of a BoomWhacker slide
6.BoomWhacker Patterns PowerPoint - fun to read and play

You can download the bundle here (be sure to check out the "notes" section in the Power Points as they provide suggestions and instructions for teaching the lesson):  Three-Mi-So-La-Songs-in-Spanish

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