Tuesday, January 22, 2013

Will You Be My Love Bug? - Valentine's Day Activity for Kinder/First

My Kinder students are about to be learning So and Mi.  I created this activity for them.  I'm sure they'll love it!

Here's an example of one leaf.  I'd use four, pasted onto a poster board and laminated.  I'm going to try it as a whole class activity, then have the students work in groups of four.
The four leaves represent four steady beats.  The bugs are either ta's (ant, bee, fly) or titi's (spider, mantis, beetle).  The students would create rhythm patterns using the bug cut-outs for us to read.  How gross...but how cute?!  We would do quite a few of these to read, chant, clap, and play on un-pitched instruments.

I have a large poster with two lines (for So and Mi).  I'd print out more leaves, on cardstock, and keep them separated.  Students can move the steady beats to either So or Mis, add the bugs, and then we can sing them.  We can also add So and Mi Boomwhackers.

After two lessons (one unpitched, one pitched), I'd assign them this worksheet:

I'll let you guys know how it goes.  If you'd like to download the Power Point with all the print-outs and further instructions, you can find it here: Will You Be My Love Bug?


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