Wednesday, January 16, 2013

Music Spelling - Sports Edition

So, I created this little activity with my 4th and 5th grade boys in mind.  We are always talking about football, and, like most boys, they are very "sportsie".

I call it, "Music Spelling - Sports Editions".  The students simply match the ball (a football, basketball, baseball, or soccer ball) to the correct background.  I've printed them on card stock, laminated them, and cut them (I store them in plastic bags).  Before playing, be sure to review which direction is "up" on the backgrounds - I decided to leave the treble-clef off in interest of space.

For game-play, you have a few options:
1. Individual: The students completes the activity alone (fun way to assess)
2. Pairs: One student times the other as they complete the activity.  Then they switch jobs.  The goal is to be the fastest.

3. Small Group: Students each receive their own sport (my classes are large, so I have two working on the same sport) to complete as a group.  They can switch sports within the group when they finish.

In addition to the four sets of sports, I created this review sheet called "Clutch Time".  The students write a word comprised of the letters ABCDEFG in each box, then draw it on the staff with quarter notes.

This activity is available to download here: Music Spelling - Sports Edition

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