Saturday, January 12, 2013

Valentine's Day Rhythm Activity - ta and titi

I'm already thinking about Valentine's Day activities.  It is such a fun holiday and also happens to be my dad's birthday!

I created this worksheet to use with Kinder and First grades.  I've drawn the pictures on paper-plates (they are so handy to use).  We'll decide which paper-plate is what rhythm before completing the worksheet.  I do this because, although most first graders can tackle a worksheet like this easily, in Kinder, not everyone is a great reader.  This way, everyone's clear on what word goes with what picture.

I extend my first grader's learning with the next worksheet.  The students select two words from the previous worksheet.  Then, they draw the corresponding rhythms.  After that, they add pitches (mi, sol, or la) to create a short melody.  When they finish, they can illustrate their "song".  Students present their song to the class and we practice reading it.  Then, they draw their song on the music staff (in C major).

You can download this activity for free, here: Valentine Song Activity

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