Sunday, March 3, 2013

Bunny Beats

The kids and I have had lots of fun with eraser dictations in the past.  I went on the "hunt" (haha) for some Easter-themed erasers.  I found this cute bunch at Dollar Tree:

I think I'll use them as a station activity for Kinder/First because I'd need to buy too many for a class set (they are $1 for 12 erasers).  Although the set includes six types of erasers, I don't think I'll be using the butterfly or one of the rabbits this year.  The ta (quarter note) erasers will be the egg and chick while the titi (eighth note pair) erasers will be the rabbit and the carrot. A "set" would include one of each type of erasers, so for about $3 I could create a station activity for up to six kiddos.

I have some nice beat-maps I made from thick heart-cutouts and cardstock which I thought about using, but then I created this "Bunny Beats" page.  That way, students can create a few patterns on the eggs, then create a final one to dictate (which I can grade and they can perform).

I'm also thinking I could use this activity with the older students (2nd and 3rd), only, instead of erasers, the students would use jellybeans to create rhythms.  First, we'd create many class patterns.  When we dictate patterns, I'll start by saying the rhythms (ta-tikatika-titi-ta) for a few rounds, then I'll use body percussion to perform the rhythms, then I'll simply play the rhythms on an un-pitched instrument.  I'll also ask students to create patterns for us to use.  So...

0 jelly bean = quarter rest
1 jelly bean = quarter note
2 jelly beans = eighth note pair
4 jelly beans = beamed sixteenth notes

You can download the "Bunny Beats" page here: Bunny Beats

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