Friday, March 29, 2013

Kreely Kranky Monster Dance

I love this little dance song.  It is great for all grades (1-5) to dance to, the rhythm content is accessible for all grades, and the pitches are great for 3-5 to read on solfa and play on the recorder.  I added the monster theme - they are just too cute.

The PowerPoint includes teaching slides, teaching instructions (in the notes section), instrumentation, movement suggestions, and printables.  You can download it here: Kreely Kranky

Here's the lyrics slide (most slides have some extra info for the older kids in blue):
And here's the steady beat slide:
There's also a time signature/bar line slide.

And a rhythm preparation slide (these are always too cute - younger ones love it):
This also includes a rhythm slide.

Older students can add the solfa (I don't have solfa preparation slides - it is assumed that students have already learned low la and low so):
And here's the solfa on the staff:
There is also a slide of the song without the solfa added (see what they know).

Here's an absolute pitch slide with recorder fingering:

 There is also a absolute pitch slide not on the staff, and one on the staff:
Here's the movements - they are so much fun:
There's an instrumentation slide for you/older students (includes rhythm stick, triangle, and hand drum parts) but this one is color-coded for the younger students:
Of course, I included printables (with instructions).  I hope that they work as well for you as they do for us.  Here's an example of the solfa printables:
Happy Monster-Dancing!

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