Wednesday, March 20, 2013

Music Spelling Bundle - Easter Theme

Ugh!  The more of these spelling activities I created, the more I thought, "Make one for each grade!"  I'm always laminating and cutting, haha.

Each level has a PowerPoint where the students practice reading (and singing or playing, if appropriate) on the music staff and get prepared for the matching activity.  When matching, students match the basket (spelled on the staff with Easter eggs) to the bunny (has the letters or solfa spelled out).  Two levels also included a composition activity.

I'm finding that these are really handy practice for the students and a great assessment tool for me.  Win-win!

This bundle, Easter Music Spelling Bundle, includes an activity for each grade level.  Here are the specifics:

The students will match patterns on the music staff (on the basket) to the corresponding spelling or solfa pattern (on the bunny). Corresponding PowerPoint games (instructions included) and composition activities I(instructions included) are included.

Included in the download are:
1. So and Mi Activities (appropriate for Kinder of First): three matching activities (C, F, G Major) and three PowerPoint games (C, F, G Major)
2. Mi-So-La Activities (appropriate for First and Second): two matching activities (F and G Major) and two PowerPoint games (F and G Major)
3. Do-Mi-So-La Activities (appropriate for Second and Third): two matching activities (F and G Major), two PowerPoint games (F and G Major), and two composition activities (F and G Major)
4. B-A-G Recorder Activities (appropriate for 3rd-5th): one matching activity and one PowerPoint game
5. Music Spelling (on the treble clef - appropriate for 3rd-5th): one matching activity, one PowerPoint game, and one composition activity

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